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Sugar Free No Added Sugar

No Added Sugar Chocolate Peanuts

Peanuts covered in a no added sugar chocolate. Sold loose as 100g bag.

No Added Sugar Chocolate Raisins

No Added Sugar Chocolate covered Raisins.  Do contain traces of Sugar.

No Added Sugar Dark Chocolate Bar

No Added Sugar Dark Chocolate bar.  Fine dark chocolate.  Could be Balance or Cavalier

No Added Sugar Milk Chocolate Bar

Creamy Milk Chocolate no added sugar Bar.  Could be Balance or Cavalier

No Added Sugar White Chocolate Bar

No Added Sugar White Chocolate. Soft and Creamy white chocolate. Could be Balance or Cavalier

Sugar Free Army and Navy

Liquorice, aniseed and menthol flavoured sweet, just like the original but sugar free.  You may also like:- Sugar Free Throat and Chest

Sugar Free Barley Sugar

Old fashioned traditional boiled sweet but sugar free

Sugar Free Blackcurrant and Liquorice Wrapped

Unique flavours in a hard boiled sweet of blackcurrant and liquorice.  Suitable for diabetics and sugar free.

Sugar Free Chocolate Eclairs

Old Favourite toffee with a delicious chocolate centre which is sugar free

Sugar Free Cola Bottles

Delicious sweets straight from the 80's.  Jelly flavoured cola bottle.  Sugar Free

Sugar Free Dairy Devonshire Toffee

Creamy delicious dairy devonshire toffees which are sugar free

Sugar Free Dandelion and Burdock

Perfect combined flavours of Dandelion and burdock in a sugar free hard boiled sweet

Sugar Free Dutch Soft and Sweet Liquorice

Sugar Free Dutch Soft and Sweet Liquorice in small dome shapes.

Sugar Free Fruit Drops

Fruit flavoured boiled sweet that is Sugar Free

Sugar Free Fruit Salad Gums

Fruit flavoured jelly gums in different fruit shapes that are sugar free

Sugar Free Gummy Jelly Bears

Fruit Flavoured Gummy Jellies that are in the shapes of teddy bears that are sugar free.

Sugar Free Liquorice Toffee

Chewy Liquorice wrapped toffees that are Sugar Free

Sugar Free Lollipop Cherry Flavour x 10

Each lolly is red and cherry flavoured in the shape of a ball and 9g in weight each.  Individually wrapped in red & white wrapping, printed with the words - Sugar Free. Sold in quantities of 10.

Sugar Free Pear Drops

Traditional hard boiled pear flavoured drops in pear shape that are sugar free

Sugar Free Rhubard and Custard

Unique Flavours of a British Summer time of yesteryear.  Traditional Rhubarb and flavoured pink and yellow boiled sweet that is sugar free

Sugar Free Sherbert Lemons

Sherbert filled lemon flavoured sweets that are sugar free
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